Harry Potter Party

This is my Harry Potter getting the snitch.  The 9th birthday party was an immense success.  What started out with invitations by owl delivery, turned into a Harry Potter extravaganza. The party began with an official sorting ceremony, sorting hat and all (a sorting hat was on my list to make, but after five sets of robes, I ran out of time!) Thank you Halloween store.  This is Fleur De La Coeur getting placed into Gryffindor.
Sandy sat under the sheet and “acted” out the sorting hat saying personalized comments for each child like, “Hmmm, very bright,  likes horses, loyal friend, . . . better be Gryffindor!”  We sorted them into two houses and pinned badges on each of them in turn.
Once the kids were sorted into houses, we moved to Divination Class with Professor Trelawney.  My mother, eccentric and spiritual to begin with, fit the part perfectly.  We decked out a room in a white fabric tent so the kids had to crawl inside and sit on pillows on the floor.

With her bangles jingling, Trelawney laid out her tarot cards and read each of their fortunes.
Enthralled, the kids looked wide eyed at each other’s cards. With cards like “Magical and Spiritual Prosperity” or “Wise Choices” or “Truth,” the fortune telling actually turned into good and lively discussion.
From Divination we moved to Potions class with Professor Snape.

We had a cauldron filled with dry ice which absolutely entranced the kids.  I never tire of it either, frankly–the bubbling, the frost, the way the steam falls – so cool!
More than one container of the dry ice might have been good :).  I was a tad concerned about freezing the fingers of a couple of 9 year olds.
The kids each mixed their own “potion” in a personal cauldron (a Halloween mug they got to take home with them) adding things like Dragon Hearts (red licorice) and Flobberworm Mucus (caramel sauce) to ice cream.  I loath little plastic bags of junk that come home from most parties! I always try to make the party favor a nice thing that will hopefully be used again.
C has never been a cake kid, so he was perfectly happy with ice cream sundaes.  Doesn’t he make an adorable Harry Potter?  I might be biased.  Making the cloak was super easy.  I will share a tutorial for this at some point, though I’m a bit late for the Halloween rush!
Next came the highlight of the party, which was the Quidditch Match! The kids brought brooms of varying sorts and we struck out with a quaffle (the blue bouncy ball), the bludgers (orange soft balls), and the snitch (a sparkly super ball).

Here are the rules:
1. The kids must keep the broom between their legs at all times.
2.  The goal is to get the quaffle into the goal by passing it from player to player.  No player can take more than three steps with the quaffle.
3. Anyone may pick up a bludger and throw it at another player.  If a player is hit by a bludger,  that player must stay still for 5 seconds, dropping the quaffle if they have it.
4. Keep an eye out for the snitch at all times, which may be released (read super high bounce of a superball) at any time randomly during the game.

We had goals set up at either end constructed out of hula hoops and foot stools.  I had a fabric covering for the base and the clips, but it was just too windy for it to stay in place.  The game was great fun, filled with daring runs for the snitch, exciting goals, and great defense.  The kids picked up the rules amazingly fast.

Here is the birthday boy flying on his Swiffer 3000.

I’m hoping I made some of this 9 year old’s birthday wishes come true.
  1. Allegra

    Anne, this is amazing! You completely outdid yourself!

  2. Monica

    This is amazing! As a big Harry Potter fan myself, I am in complete awe. I cannot wait for my son to be old enough so that I can throw this exact party. I actually discovred patterns on ravelry for Dobby and a Mandrake plant…how adorable is that?

  3. Oh my goodness… this has to be the most awesome birthday blog post I have ever seen. I agree with Monica, I am in awe and amazement at all the details. Absolute perfection in every way. Seriously – best birthday party E V E R!

  4. Camille

    Best birthday party EVER. I really appreciate how much effort you put into recreating the world of HP and Hogwarts without going overboard (i.e., spending waaaaay too much money. I saw a blog post on a Mary Poppins-themed birthday party recently, and it was INSANE. Kids don’t need a lot of fancy stuff to make them happy–they just need some space and encouragement to use their own imaginations!)

  5. Laura

    Ok, I’m probably way too old to be having a birthday party like this, but I love it!! Great job on everything and not breaking the bank to do it :]

  6. Kelly

    Wonderful! Loved he Quiddich pics and the game concept – very clever. (Swiffer 3000 – awesome!) 🙂

    Everything is just fantastic. He must have been the happiest 9-year-old on the planet!

  7. Justine

    AMAZING!!! Love all your great ideas! …especially the sorting hat and the Quidditch game! You Rock!

  8. You are the coolest mom ever! So much creativity. I bet everyone had a blast.

  9. anne

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. I so appreciate them!

  10. Thanks for all the great ideas my son will be turning 9 soon and wants a Harry Potter party OR a board game party OR a hurricane party. There is no end to ideas just an end to the amount of time we have to get invitations out and all the stuff together. This post will help keep him focused.

  11. nancy

    hi, we ran into each other at S.A.W. in June a few times in the dining hall. i bookmarked your blog when we were all sharing our experiences after the amazing few days we were there. anyway, i just wanted to comment and say i love the harry potter party ideas you shared. my almost nine year old was harry potter for halloween this year and he would love if i would do this for his birthday in December. we’ll see!

  12. Anonymous

    you are a fabulous mom!

  13. Barbara

    I just discovered your wonderful blog and was browsing through some old posts when I came upon this one. Holy cow, I just graduated college and I would still love if this was my next birthday party! Great job (:

  14. Absolutely Marvelous! Lucky kid..I want that for my birthday too!:)

  15. Anonymous

    Wow! Where did you get the sorting hat?

    • anne

      I love that sorting hat. We got it at a local toy store in Boulder called Grand Rabbits. You can find them online (though I don’t see the hat in their inventory). I’m sure you could call about it. http://www.grtoys.com
      Good luck finding it!

  16. Anonymous

    Hi there, awesome party. Where did you find the house badges?

    • anne

      I found the house badges on etsy. I can’t remember the seller but a bunch of fun harry potter things pop up when you search.

  17. kelly

    Can you provide a list of the ‘ingredients’ you used for the boys to make their ‘potions?’ I never like cake/cupcakes either…plus if a gluten free guest is invited, this may be WAY easier! Thank you for sharing your ideas!!!

    • Of course! We did the following “ingredients” I can’t remember exactly what candies and topping we used for every one, but I think we did gummy worms, red hots, licorice, coconut, crystallized sugar, hot fudge, etc. Have fun!!
      Mandrake Root
      Horned Toad
      Dragon Heart
      Bat Spleen Juice
      Wortcap Powder
      Doxy Tails

  18. Robyn

    What a wonderful party for your nine year old. I have a nine year old who is wishing for a Harry Potter themed party myself. Your Quidditch game is the perfect addition…thank you for sharing your super simple rules. 🙂

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