Super Cozy Pillow Case DIY

Look what I have for you!  – a super cozy pillow case DIY just in time for the cold weather!  My kids and I literally dove right into these.  The are super easy to make – about 40 minutes.  They take only 3/4 yard of the main fabric, and 1/3 a yard of the other.  I’m very happy to say that this DIY is the Sew Petite column for Petite Purls this quarter.  Petite Purls is such a fabulous knit magazine for little ones, but they always include lots of other goodies–craft, sewing, photography with every issue.  If you want to go straight to making one for yourself, hop over here.

I added monograms for the kids, using a font from the computer for a template, and fun appliques like this sweet elephant.  You can find the pdf for him in this tutorial I did for Petite Purls in Spring 2011.There is something about fleece that makes you want to snuggle down and enjoy a good book.  I love it.  Were you one of those kiddos that hunkered down for hours with a good book?  I was!  Such a worthy way to spend time.  I think this pillow case pattern would be fabulous for your favorite cotton prints in the spring too. Even Mr. Bunny was happy for an extra cuddly place to sit!
 Happy cozy snuggles to you and yours!!
xo Anne

  1. Lorrie

    so pretty

  2. Katherine

    I noticed a problem with this only after I went fabric shopping. The article on Petite Purls said 1/4 yard of decorative fabric but further inside the instructions you say that the fabric needs to be 12″ long. Please correct this so that others don’t have their projects thrown off the wheels like mine.

  3. anne

    Katherine- thank you, thank you so much for making a comment. I apologize so heartily to you, especially after you had already bought your fabric. YOu are so kind to take the time to let me know. I will fix this error on Petite Purls as soon as I can. It will still work okay with the 1/4 yard, though the decorative part will be an inch and a half shorter. You can shrink the seam allowances to make that difference even smaller. Again, I am so sorry if this put a wrench in your beautiful project :(.

  4. Happy belated Birthday!!! I need to remember this next year 😉

    Hope you had a lovely birthday week!

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