A Birthday Treasure Box

My nephew is turning three.  Emeka is a boy’s boy–active, an adventure-seeker and in love with orange, balls and anything that moves. For his birthday, I wanted to give him a special treasure box filled with things I know he’d love.  It helps that this gift also removes things from our basement, treasures long forgotten by my 7 and 8 year-old.  I swear, too, that anything labeled with their name is automatically special.  So I’m off to ship dear Emeka’s Birthday Treasure Box filled with balls of every type, bouncy, squishy, soft, and hard. Its the kind of gift that can entertain a three-year old like you wouldn’t believe. Its easy to make . . the tutorial is provided below. . . . Happy Birthday Emeka!! 

Used shoe box
1/2 yard fabric
Craft glue
Rotary cutter
Treasures to fill

1. Cut fabric to fit shoe box.

2. Glue fabric to box with craft glue.
3. Use weights to hold down the cardboard.
4. Cut the fabric to glue it to the cardboard. Cutting diagonals in tricky areas.
5. Wrap the fabric around the box where possible.
6. Reassemble shoe box.
7.  Cut a paperboard rectangle 6″ x 3″, fabric at 5.5″ x 2.5″, and another cardboard piece at 4.5″x 1.5″.
8. Label smallest cardboard piece with the box owner’s name.
9. Sew all pieces together with a zig-zag stitch, starting at the bottom and progressing to the top.
10.  Glue label to the top of the shoe box.

11. Fill with treasure.

  1. Monica

    Such a great idea. Emeka’s sure to love his gift. How is your broken hand feeling?

  2. Thanks for sharing – lucky boy.
    That looks like a much more sensible way to cover a box than the way i tried.

  3. evelin

    Such a nice idea! Now I have some ideas to add a ribbon and maybe a magnet ,and do a mini suitcase 😛

  4. anne

    Evelin – great idea to add a magnet and make a suitcase – love that. Make sure you leave a link if you do it!

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