Hostess Gift

Have you ever given a handmade hostess gift and immediately wish you had kept it.  Well, that happened to me over this vacation. The person hosting did an amazing job of welcoming three huge families into her house for a long weekend and feeding and tending to us all in the nicest way.  I wanted to give her something amazing . . .

I usually make kids’  knits, which are easy to let go because they don’t fit me.  I am not used to giving away things that I would love to have and use!  I absolutely adore this “dejeuner bag” from Quince & Co.

I think Quince & Co’s patterns are on the whole very modern and current.   This bag would be perfect for bringing to the pool or the market,  I think.
 I’ve never worked with linen before, but I quite enjoyed it.  I particularly like their version, called Sparrow.  The color is beautiful, rich and natural.  The pattern is double stranded, which is a bit of a pain, as sometimes I dropped a part of a stitch.  I’m particular enough that I tend to rip it out and do it over again.  It’s a bit of a nasty habit, but I think the final product makes it all worthwhile.

I’m not sure if these handles will hold up – or how comfortable they would be with a fully loaded bag, but they certainly look graceful.

Ah well, I’ll get over giving it away, and I can always make another, right?  Ahem. . . could I please be granted weeks that contain twice as many hours, please?

Things are really busy here on this front.  I have a lot of making to do for two online courses I’m going to be teaching – very exciting, and something I will let you know more about soon.  I have my 1001 peeps Summer Camp project coming up this friday – so keep your eyes out for something very dramatic and exciting.

  1. karyn

    anne! what an incredible gift. absolutely lovely. and i am dying to see what your 1001 peeps project is!

  2. I love this bag, Anne! I, too, really love Quince & Co.’s designs…as well as their yarn. This one is going in the Ravelry queue.

  3. Molly

    gorgeous bag anne! i would have had a hard time parting with it also.

  4. Camille

    Hmm, this looks familiar… 😉

  5. Abby C

    I love this bag!!

  6. Anonymous

    I love these bags!! I knitted one by a different pattern and it holds a lot. I crocheted some heave handles on it because they do not stretch as much as knit. That solved the problem.

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