Finger Knitting – Just Can’t Stop

I’ve written a few times about my kids’ obsession with finger-knitting. As evidenced by this growing ball–the obsession has not slowed.  B has been building this over the last few weeks–but, he hasn’t kept it just to himself.  Look what I happened upon the other week when I dropped by school. Ahh, it made my heart sing.  Apparently, its a finger-knitting-fest every reading session.  B said he’s been madly teaching all his friends.  “Its a LOT of work mama!  Everyone asks ME questions.” He was so proud.
I’m not sure if our living room will have the space to house his ball by the end of summer.  Do any of you know an excellent, easy way to use 500 yards of finger knitting?  I was thinking about trying something like this.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  Hmm . . . that just might be on the docket for after my latest work project ends.  
If you want to get your kids started finger knitting, here’s a tutorial. For lots of great finger knitting projects, see this gallery. But, you better keep an eye on your yarn stash . . .  
  1. I am inspired to completely displace my stash onto my kids! then i could buy new yarn : ) I MISS YOU!!!!! your blog is beautiful KISSES KISSES KISSES

  2. Aw me and my sister used to finger knit for HOURS! Then we’d trail it all over the house seeing how far we could get! xxx

  3. This is so great, Anne. Thanks for the link. I have been wondering what to do with our huge ball of finger knitting, too! I tried to crochet it into a rug, but it’s so many different thicknesses, it turned into more of a bowl than a rug.

  4. Five hundred yards, WOW! And that hula hoop rug is awesome!

  5. Rug is awesome thanks for sharing and all the pics very nice.

  6. Elizabeth Casterline

    I taught my 2nd grade class how to make hats and scarves on Knifty Knitters for a local charity. This would make a great use of the leftover yarn! How does your son’s teacher have them store their finger knitting when doing other work so it won’t unravel?

    By the way, tried to subscribe, since I definitely want to see your other finger knitting crafts, but couldn’t get it to verify my email. So here it is:

  7. anne

    Yay! If you string the four loops on to a pen, then you can store it. Then when you get back to it you simply re-thread the loops back on your fingers.

  8. This may seem like a silly question but how to you tie the different finger knitting lengths together? I love the rug and the giant ball. both would make my daughter quite happy. Is it jsut a simple knot on the end?

    • anne

      Not a silly question! I just knot them together with a simple knot, trying to get the actual “knitted” parts as close to each other as possible.

  9. Anne

    LOTS of things to do with finger knitting! Turn it on it’s side, and knit into the loops along the side, like all the new fancy ruffle scarf yarns, makes some pretty scarfs. OR, get GIANT knitting needles (currently using 1 1/4 inch wooden dowels) and knit BIG stuff, using the finger knitting as your extra chunky yarn,

    • blondie

      thank you Anne. i never thought of that. 🙂

  10. I’m looking at making the finger knitting rug/through something like a hula hoop….with adult fingers, how many fingers should I use with the finger knitting to make the ball? Thank you!!

  11. Anonymous

    Our kids in the latchkey program at school started finger knitting and it has become quite the thing with the kids. They have made many tubes. Even the first grade boys are doing it and the older boys, too. They are buying yarn and bringing it to work on during Latchkey, recess, etc. One of the girls taught them how to do it. One Mom told me my two did it all weekend!

    Is there anything else they can make beside the tubes?

  12. Angela

    I was curious in the pic above of the yarn, it doesn’t look like four finger weaving strands – what finger knitting did he do to complete the strand?

    • Angela,
      Good eye! At the end, he was just doing two-finger finger knitting. I think his goal was to make this strand as long as possible with the yarn he had available to him! To do two-finger, just follow the same over and under pattern, except with only two fingers!
      Thanks for leaving a comment!

  13. Michelle

    Hi, do you have a technique to secure one strand of single finger knitted yarn to another? We are doing a class project for my son’s kindergarten class. Every student is making strands over strands of single finger knitted yarn and it’s up to me to attach them together. I need to attach them together securely because it would be used to be woven into a bench. Thank you for the advice.

    • Hi michelle – it’s not anything super fancy. I just weave the end of one into the first row of the the other and do the same with the other end, then bring them back and tie them in a square knot together. Does this make sense?

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