Sweetheart Knit Valentine DIY Tutorial

Designing these Valentines has been an wonderful process. Sometimes, I forget how many decisions go into designing.  Making up the pattern is the simple part.  I forget all the other pieces – choosing which yarn, which color, which stitches, which embroidery, what words – oh my goodness, this was so much fun.   Well . . . It became fun.  At first, I did panic a bit about all the decision making.  I so wanted them to look good!  Then, I remembered that the point of creating is to have fun experimenting – this is the process, the creative process.   And so I did –  I just played with it all.   I got lots of positive feedback from the kids, and even the hubby along the way.  They are so fast to whip up and you can do all sorts of things with them.  Hang them as a garland.  Put them in lunchboxes.  Stick them in drawers as a Valentine surprise.  Hide them in their raincoat for them to find next spring. . . . Just do one and you’ll get addicted!
 Crochet two together and make a pocket, perfect for sweets or a love note . . .
Have fun with buttons . . .
Use twine, always a favorite of mine . . .
It was hard for me to stop!
Here’s how you do it  . . . .
I chose a DK weight yarn and tried making the hearts with a number of different stitch fabrics – garter stitch, moss stitch, an altered rib stitch, etc.  I thought the garter stitch shrunk the shape of the heart a bit too much for my taste.  Show me if you make it with a different stitch!  I think stiffer yarn (close to 100% cotton worked the best).
Here is the basic heart pattern and chart in the altered rib:
Heart in Altered Rib Stitch
Cast on 1 st.
Row 1: K1 (1st.)
Row 2: Make three sts. into 1st., K1, P1, K1 (3 sts.)
Row 3: K row; m1 at each end of row by working in same st. twice [wsst] (K1 in front, K1 through back of loop) (5 sts.)
Row 4: K1, P1 to end; m1 at each end of row by wsst keeping to pattern (7 sts.)
Row 5: K row, m1 at each end of row by wsst (9 sts.)
Row 6: K1, P1 to end; m1 at each end of row by wsst keeping to pattern (11 sts.)
Row 7: K row, m1 at each end of row by wsst (13 sts.)
Row 8: P1, K1 to end (13 sts.)
Row 9: K row; m1 at each end of row by wsst (15sts.)
Row 10: K1, P1 to end(15 sts.)
Row 11: K row; m1 at each end of row by wsst (17sts.)
Row 12, 14, 16, 18: P1, K1 to end.
Row 13, 15, 17: K row
Right side of heart:
Row 19: K2tog, K6 sts., turn (7 sts.)
Work on these 7 stitches only;
Row 20: P2tog, K1, P1 to end (6 sts.)
Row 21: k2tog, k2, k2tog (4 sts.)
Bind off in pattern.
Rejoin yarn to left side of heart:
Row 19: sl1, K1 pass slipped st. over, K5, K2tog (7 sts.)
Row 20: [K1, P1] 2 times, K1,  P2tog,  (6 sts.)
Row 21: k2tog, k2, k2tog (4 sts.)
Bind off in pattern.
Weave in loose ends.


This pattern and chart can easily be adapted to moss stitch, garter stitch, etc.
Now, how to decorate?? I played with yarn directly on the heart, but my favorite ones were embroidered separately.  I just took a basic white muslin and wrote or drew on it myself – and embroidered with a simple back stitch or satin stitch.
Choose embroidery floss in a beautiful color, or twine, and bingo!  Attach with some french knots or sew it on – add what you will – and voila!  Please send me links to some examples that you make! I’d love to see.


Thanks for reading!  Anne Weil
  1. Laurie

    I LOVE these!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Love love love!! These are amazing-thanks for sharing! xoxo

  4. Thank you for sharing! These are adorable! I’ve been fretting over not having any Valentines created yet to send to my family, and these are so cute, I’ll have to try them! I love the details–wishing I had some cute pink buttons right about now!

  5. stacie

    so adorable Anne! Love them 🙂

  6. Anne;
    These are so precious and thank you so much for your generosity in showing us how to make for ourselves. What a treat for someone to receive a heart! I have enjoyed being with you in the Fishbowl!!!
    Donna Wynn

  7. Seriously?! Why do I not knit? They are adorable, you could even make a sachet out of them! Beautiful work 🙂


  8. Jessa

    These are so sweet. I need to learn to knit!

  9. anne

    Thanks all for your wonderful comments! All of you who wonder why you don’t knit – go do it – go learn how! It is SO much fun!

  10. Hi, lov these…but i’m trying to follow your pattern could you tell me what the abrevations mean on your pattern the wwt and mi. then i could make them bonnieridd@yahoo.com

  11. anne

    Bonnie – Hi thanks for your interest in the hearts. m1 means to Make 1 stitch
    When you say wwt – are you referring to the wsst? That means “work in the same stitch twice.”

    In this pattern you make 1 stitch by working in the same stitch twice – Here is a good YouTube video to show you how. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGnHcxMjCes

    Let me know if this doesn’t answer your question!

  12. Oh my gosh, these are darling!

  13. This is so adorable and GREAT photos! Thank you so much for sharing!


  14. Anya

    These are so cute! Thanks a lot for sharing, Anne. I am sure be making a couple for my Valentine this year.

  15. These are so cute but I don’t knit but I crochet is there a pattern for crocheting cause these are so darn cute and look easy to make. I can’t hold two needles that is why crocheting is easier for me. Thanks for sharing these… Tooo cute.

  16. anne

    Charlene, Anya, Brandi and Gilda – thank you so much for your wonderful comments. Charlene, I’ll be sure to try the hearts crocheting and let you know how they turn out!

  17. Anonymous

    I’m trying to make the one you have the pattern for and my ribbing keeps changing and alternating every few row. What am I doing wrong?

    • anne

      Be sure you are adding the stitches one at each end. If you missed adding a stitch the k1,p1 will be off. You can email me at annebweil (at) gmail (dot) com if you have any further questions. I’d be happy to help.

  18. These are really neat. Do you have any patterns for a crochet version?

    • anne

      Penny, You are the second person that has asked. I don’t have one currently but will try to find some time to post a crochet version!

  19. Dee

    These are so sweet! I had to pin it CraftBliss Sweet Valentine Bliss Board on Pinterest and link back to you. ~Dee

  20. Anonymous

    It’s verrrrry nice and cuuuuuuuteee love them.
    Can you show us the steps in video ’cause honestly I don’t know how to read the pattern and I really want to do it.

    • anne

      Hi! I will try to get a video done sometime in January. That would be fun in time for valentine’s day. I don’t think I’ll be able to do it before then. But I’m so glad that you like them!!

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  23. Kathleen

    These are DARLING!

    • Oh! Thanks Kathleen. Its so nice to hear from you :). I’m glad these popped up in your radar!

  24. Jana

    Came across your heart pattern on Pinterest. I knit one up this afternoon, but wondered if you could clarify the steps when you say “bind off in pattern?” Is that K1,P1,K1,P1? I ended up knitting all last 4 stitches as I bound off. Doesn’t look terrible, but I don’t believe that it was the correct way. If you could please let me know the stitches for both bind offs, that would be so appreciated. Thank you!

    • Hi Jana! I’m so sorry you’re having trouble. I emailed you separately but I’ll post my answer here for everyone:
      Binding off in pattern would be P1, K1, P1 K1 to match the rows of knit stitches running up the front, or right side of the heart. Because you work the bind off from the wrong side of the fabric, where you see that the length of knit stitches running up the front, you want to purl. This bind off pattern is the same on both sides of the heart.

      Re the diagram: I don’t show this last row of bind off on the diagram. The bind off row (the 22nd row, which isn’t shown) is P1,K1, P1, K1 as you bind off.

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  30. Barbara Boxwell

    Hi, Just wanted to let you know how adorable the hearts are. I am trying to figure out if I can use Scrubby Yarn for this pattern , as it is sometimes hard to work with, as it catches on itself. It would make a useful gift for the kitchen. And more so for the women in my Sunday School class.

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Barbara! That fuzzy yarn will be so fun. Sometimes it does catch, but it’ll be great!!

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