Harper – Part Two

Ohhh its Harper –  Part two of a a two-blog spread.  As I mentioned in the last post, I got a sweet babysitting job in which I stripped Harper down to his onesie and dressed him up some luscious hand-knit creations!  I love this pompon beret. This is a Debbie Bliss pattern from Simply Baby.  This beret is up for grabs – or at least waiting for the next lucky baby in my line of pregnant friends. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to make things for babies and not get them in the mail soon enough!  That’s the worst!  I did manage to get Harper’s gift wrapped and given on his visit – look for the post soon with a tutorial.

Okay – here’s part two of the embarrassing Anne reveal.  Putting aside my Debbie Bliss obsession, which was hard enough to admit, it might be worse that the Serafina Cowl that I finished two weeks ago is the first knit object I’ve made for myself since I was eight years old.  Seriously – not a scarf, not a hat, not a mitten, and certainly not a sweater!  BUT, I’m changing my ways . . . I loved the cowl so much that I’m making the Big Herringbone Cowl from Whit’s Knits on PurlBee, which I think is absolutely beautiful.  If you’ve never tried the herringbone stitch, please do – its gorgeous.   But not as gorgeous as this baby.

Harper – do get your parents to come move to Colorado – pretty please!

Bye-bye for now . . . 

Thanks for reading!
Anne Weil

  1. Monica

    What an adorable baby! I love that the beret matches his eyes.
    Anne I have to say that I believe we are somewhat kindred spirits. I have a weakness for all Debbie Bliss baby patterns as well. Hers was the first book I bought when I seriously committed to knitting a few years ago, and I love her stuff.
    And the Herringbone Cowl from the Purl Bee is stunning. Like yourself I have not knitted anything for myself yet, the few things I did start, I ended up giving away. So I had promised myself I was going to make something this year, and that pattern is what I chose! Freaky, right?
    In any case, I enjoy your posts tremendously, and can not wait to see and read more!

  2. Omigosh, just adorable! Can’t wait to see the finished big herringbone cowl!

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