Colorado Snowshoe

Oh my, what a fun day.  Snowshoeing in Colorado transports you to a winter wonderland, the perfect backdrop for imaginary stories.  Our adventures took us from scouring Narnia looking for the White Witch to trekking in Nepal, reaching Everest Base Camp, and then summiting the top (the youngest to do so)!  We spent time simply appreciating our surroundings: the quiet trees, the powdery snow, the crisp air.  Ahhh, Colorado. Yes, this is what I left the rat race for.
Now, if any of you were wondering what in the world could possess me to have three children in three years, there was a method to my madness. Other than a fortunate accident that I won’t go into right here, this day is the reason!  The entire family, together, outside, each moving based entirely on his or her own propulsion (i.e. no baby carriers!). . . all kiddos ready and able to go approximately the same distance . . . no teenagers, anxious to bail . . . We’ve officially hit the sweet spot!
It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and no wind.  We had lots of laughing and goofing around and, much to my pleasure, very little whining.
Chocolate along the way never hurt anyone – especially not mama!
Lots of post-chocolate bliss . . .
Stopping to build “fairy houses” worked even better than the chocolate – who doesn’t love carefully excavating tunnels through a snowbank?  must. not. collapse. the. tunnel.  See his mitten peeking through?
The kids got great exercise and seriously rosy cheeks.  As my husband, Sandy, told Charlie – “High vigor, Charlie, you definitely have high outdoor vigor” . . . lucky boy.
 Tired bodies are, as every parent knows, the key to a easy and restful afternoon.
Being outdoors as a family, there is nothing else like it.  Outside, together, we are adventurers; we are family; we are friends.

Thanks for reading!
Anne Weil

  1. Monica

    Looks like it was a wonderful day!

  2. mairi

    Your family is wonderful!!!

  3. You’ve been a busy blogger, Anne! I love this post- such great photos and such infectious fun! Thanks for posting- happy weekend! -Megan

  4. Monica

    What a fun outing! I see your point about activities being fun when the kids are all close in age, but I would never have had the courage. Every year I promise myself that we will do more outdoor activities in the winter, and this looks like fun. After all, Montreal gets plenty of snow!

  5. anne

    Yes, you should go! It is such a ball Monica. you don’t have to get far but it feels like such an adventure!

  6. Molly

    how fun! we just bought snowshoes for our family this month, and we can’t wait for snowy expeditions.

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