Blood Lessons

Warning: If your squeamish about blood you should pass on this post.
I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity, where it comes from and how we foster it.  Allie, my 5 year old, gave me a good lesson in this, as she so often does. 
It’s bed time a couple of nights ago and I’m making good night rounds to my threesome.  I quietly poke my head in at the door to Allie’s room to see what she’s doing.  (Don’t you love being a fly on the wall and catching them doing all sorts of sweet, uninhibited things?)  Allie is sitting in her bed with a blood-stained kleenex. (okay, not so sweet, but wait!) It’s been super dry here in Colorado and Allie has been suffering through some bloody noses.  So I’m watching her and I see her press the kleenex to her nostril, pull it back and look thoughtfully at the mark she’s just made.  She rotates the tissue a bit and then pulls the kleenex to her nose again and presses.  She pulls it back, looks carefully and presses.   She does this at least four times, with a considered pause and careful placement with each press.
“Whatcha doing?” I ask.
“Oh, Mom, LOOK!  Isn’t it beautiful?!” as she holds up her masterpiece.
And, my heart gets that excited throbbing you get when your kids do something wonderful (yes, this is over a blood-stained kleenex) as I see the joy in her face, the thrill and happiness she feels from seeing the color, pattern, and texture in the simplest of things  – delight in creating.
“It is, Allie, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Thanks for reading.

Anne Weil

  1. That one’s on her way to the Turner Prize, I think (better than the bisected cows).

  2. Wow that is so sweet, and clever! I don’t think I ever replied to the lovely comment you left on my blog? Your comment made me smile the other morning before I dashed out to work 🙂 Thank you! I am enjoying reading your blog and I am looking forward to getting to know my fellow fishies better, I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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