Why Not?

I am on the way to school today with my three crazy and loveable kids.  Harried and hectic, I am in processing mode.   Do you have your lunch? Your jacket? A hat?  Are you buckled in?  And, we’re off.

We approach the drop-off line and I’m already thinking of my list of to-do items for when I get home.  We stop at the front of the line, and I get that gnawing feeling in my belly knowing there are cars behind me waiting for my kids to get out of the car.  This never feels like a relaxing way to say good bye.

My 5 year old daughter, Allie, says “Mommy, I brought my scarf.”
“Good,” I say, “Don’t forget to bring it home.”
The check-in teacher waits for me to sign on the dotted line that the school has my kids.  The boys are out the door with barely a backwards glance.
“Bye!” I yell.  “Love you!”
I turn to Allie, “Okay, sweetie, time to go.  Have a great day. “
Allie urges, “ I need you to do my scarf, Mommy.”
“Just wrap it around your neck and off you go” I explain quickly.
 “But I want a bow.  I need your help.”
I tell her, “Its time to go honey,” hoping she’ll forget the scarf and get out of the car.
“But I want a bow.”
I glance nervously in the rear view mirror at the growing line of drop-offs. “Sweetie, people don’t wear scarves that way – just wrap it around your neck.  Your friends are waiting for you.”
“Why not?”
“Hmmm, what?”
With genuine confusion, Allie earnestly asks me, “Well, Why not, Mommy?  Why don’t people wear scarves with bows?”
 . . . . . .
Indeed, WHY NOT!?
 . . . . . .
Her sweet question exploded my auto-pilot bubble.
To the surprise of the check-in teacher, I close the door and drive away into the nearest parking spot. I turn to look at Allie’s confused face, and promptly tie a big fat bow in her scarf.  She grins ear to ear in the most charming and earnest manner.  I proudly tell her that she is brilliant to want her scarf tied in a bow – that it looks ever so lovely framing her face.  And, here she is.

Thank you, dear Allie, for reminding me not live according my predetermined notions of right and wrong.  And, for giving me the time for a sweet and loving good bye for the day.  Absolutely, “Why not?”  Could I borrow and keep some of her childish moxie?  I say, yes!

Thanks for reading,
Anne Weil
flax & twine
  1. THis one made me cry…….. ; ) I wish my mother had done that -or I had done that for you!!!!!! Your changing a long held pattern for our family – Yahoo!

  2. I just realized that what you are writing about is not just about creativity with your hands, but about a whole different way of living IN LIFE. It’s living it from that unknowable Creative Source that supports everything. Kids know it in their bones and then we knock it out of them because we have forgotten. It takes courage to buck the culture and remember!!!! What a great gift you are giving your Allie, Baillie and Charlie with this. And what courage it takes to be who you really are!

  3. Thelma

    haha.. love how the story end up..

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