Cozy Linen Coasters – A Quick Knit Gift

I’m in love with these picot, lace-edged, linen coasters. What a sweet and lovely handmade way to start your morning. I’m convinced the coasters themselves put me in a good mood for the day! They also make for simple, elegant and inexpensive hostess gifts. You can knit these coasters up in a jiffy with this simple one page pattern, which you can find for download on Ravlery here or you can view and print from google viewer here.
The coasters are done in Quince and Co Sparrow–a beautiful fingering weight, 100% natural linen yarn.  It now comes in all sorts of colors that would be gorgeous for this project.  I love how the linen adds warmth, but not fuzziness to the coaster. To me, it’s the perfect, elegant fit!
This pattern is part of my Quick Cozy Knit Gift Series, which has all sorts of lovely, easy and quick knit projects for holiday giving.  Check out the other patterns here or by clicking the icon below:
Yes! This project is on the finish fifty list. This idea and pattern came to me last summer! When I moved to Baltimore in August 2012, when I finally learned the true reason coasters were invented. A glass can REALLY sweat here–like an entire puddle full! What better material than yarn to try and soak up that moisture? That was the inspiration. In the linen, they are versatile, good for any season–perfect under a glass of ice tea and adorably cozy under a mug of coffee or cocoa.
Hope you’re enjoying the lovely knits I’m sharing this week. Are you’re starting to feel festive? Hunker down with your knitting needles and some good ol’ holiday flicks and make someone’s Christmas beautifully handmade this year!
  1. These are perfect gifts. Thank you for sharing. Out of curiosity, which colorway of the Sparrow yarn did you use for the ones in the picture? I am trying to decide between Sans and Butternut.

    • anne

      Hi Tiffany, Thanks so much! I think this is Sans. When I did this pattern originally, they only had one color in Sparrow! I love that natural look.

    • I just placed an order for Sans. I am going to make some for gifts but also I want them for myself :)

    • anne

      Yay! They’ll be beautiful! I’m glad you will be making some for you, too!

  2. So cute! I love the very natural/neutral look! Being in WI, coasters aren’t as much of a necessity, but they sure look good :)

    • anne

      Thanks Loretta! I love the natural look, too!

  3. Anonymous

    How does one cast off 3 stitches at the end of a row, then bind off 3 stitches at the beginning of the next? (Turning rows.)

    • anne

      Eek. So sorry. I uploaded an updated pattern on ravelry last week. Everywhere it says “cast off” should be “cast on”. An awful search all and replace mistake. Please download and print the new version of the pattern. Happy knitting!!

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