Back to School Bling – DIY Neon Finger Knit Statement Necklace

Charlie came back from camp this summer begging for neon paracord. Apparently, survival bracelets (more on that to come) were all the rage in the craft room at camp. Well, Allie and I co-opted the neon pink as soon as it was purchased and we just had to see what it would look like finger-knit. Voila!  What a cool, bright, modern necklace for Allie as she heads back to school.

Allie’s new school requires uniforms, so it’s fun for her to have a way to flaunt her style. 

The tutorial is straightforward. I’ve done tutorials before for both the required skills. I’ve linked to them below.

Materials: 16′ hank of 550 lb Nylon Paracord.  We found ours at Michael’s.

1) Start finger-knitting (click here for a full how-to) with a tail of about 8 inches. If you want to craft on the go, you can purchase a PDF copy of my finger-knitting how-to here.
2) Finger-knit the entire length of paracord. Warning: the paracord has less stretch and give than yarn so it can be a bit more challenging. If you keep it closer to the ends of your fingers, it will be easier to pull the strands up and over.
3) Stop about 8 to 10 inches from the end, string the tail through the stitches on your finger and pull tautly.  See how-to if confused about ending finger-knitting.
4) Tie an adjustable slipping knot to finish so you can adjust the length how you’d like. Click here to see adjustable slipping knot how-to at the end of this tutorial.

I think the necklace is fabulous! Fast to make and a great way to pass football practice, we’re going to bang out a bunch for her new friends.

  1. Susan

    Cute! No survival bracelets here. Rainbow loom bracelets everywhere all the time! Have your kids gotten into those yet? Basically a bunch of pegs, rubber bands and a crochet hook.

    • anne

      Thanks Susan. Yes! to the Rainbow Loom. Allie’s been passing a lot of football practices that way, also! It took me a while to succumb (can’t she just crochet?) but, it’s been worth it.

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