A Play Doh Day

I haven’t brought play-doh out for the kids to play with in, it has to be, at least two years.  So, I was very surprised when Allie, my 6 year old, came upstairs the other day with a whole package of rainbow colors in her hands. I don’t even know where she found it. Play-doh used to be one of those activities that made me cringe. In fact, I had probably hidden the package soon after we received it. Inevitably, when my kiddos used to play with play-doh, all the pretty colors ended up all wadded together in one brown ball. I don’t know why I hate it when the all the containers of the colors get mixed up with each other, but I do.  I really do. And, don’t get me started on the fighting over who gets what color.  Meanwhile, when the kids were three or four, little crumbs of play-doh ended up ground into the grooves of the table, in between the cushion and frame of the chair, on the floor, on the bottom of my shoe and somehow, no matter how hard I tried, ground into the living room rug as well – argh!  Okay, part of me loathes the stuff.  
But, part of me loves it as well.  I love the smell, I know, I’m weird that way.  I love the feel of it in my hands.  I love rolling it into snakes, back and forth between my hands. I love making little sculptures and bowls and thumb prints.  I love balling it and squashing it and everything in between.  And now, with Allie, at 6, we loved every little part of the experience.  She carefully spooned out amounts of the color and mixed it in such a fun way with the other colors.
We were making an sweets for an upscale candy shop.  Very fancy.
This experience with the play doh included everything I loved about it, and nothing I didn’t.  Mixing colors in this limited way, the way Allie did, was fabulous fun!  We didn’t even end up with much mess.  A couple of crumbs, but nothing major. 
I loved this little bon bon glazed with hot pink icing.

This play doh day reminds me how valuable it is to bring out some of those things we used to do at younger age and try them again. The experience can be so different. We followed up our making with a fun game of candy and coffee shop – Allie’s Sweets – serving up generous doses of lattes and bon bons.  That’s my kind of game!

 Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend, full of family and quiet time

I have another chunky knit pattern coming up, some boys jewelry, and another super cool finger-knitting project!  So excited to show you!
xo anne

  1. Angela

    The candy shop is so cute! I am a big fan of Play Doh. I remember fondly playing with it for hours when I was a kid. When Melody was younger, I would cringe a little since she seemed to like making crumbs. And yes, mixing the colors until it’s a big ball of brownish green. I have made it a rule that she plays with it in the kitchen or over a hard wood floor, so I can sweep it up. Trying to get it out of carpet is not fun for me. I have begun making my own playdough and coloring it with food colors. The dough stays fresh for a really long time and the texture is amazing.

  2. anne

    Thanks Angela! Making your own playdough sounds great. I would love it if you shared the recipe or provided a link!

  3. tz

    my husband’s aunt, Laura-Jane told me I must check out your blog…it’s GREAT! I’m so glad she told me to check it out. Beautiful photos, great kid ideas, and am looking forward to trying the recipe for the snow day muffins…yum!

    • anne

      LJ told me you were going to check it out! I’m so glad you did. Have fun with it all!

  4. Anonymous

    We love play dough! My teens and their friends still play with it…often! Then, being teens, they make something cute, take a picture with their phones and send them to facebook or their blogs…times have changed!

    When the kids were little we made play dough and used unsweetened kool aid to add color and scent. Also, using baby oil instead of cooking oil gave a great feel.

    • anne

      I love that! How great and versatile it is. Great idea to use the unsweetened kool-aid.

  5. Sharon

    I also hate it when all the colors get mixed up in different containers, but, OH, i love the smell of it! Smooshing it around is so theraputic, too. Thanks for the reminder.

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